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The advantage all savvy business owners wish for
Gary Halbert once said that his one advantage over all other businesses would be to have a ‘starving audience’, aka know that his product had hungry, ready to buy customers who are aching to find his product and buy it. It makes sense, after all: In order to have a successful product or service, you need to have people who actually need it. So, how do we find out what people really want? Easy: We Google it.

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Our Ballarat SEO Strategy

The business owners take benefit from the proven SEO technique to ensure a qualified lead. Our strategy is very helpful for different sizes of business. You can get a dedicated and friendly service with us at any time. You can visit our site and see our strategy for achieving great success. We follow a wide array of strategies like initial audit, competitor analysis, and keyword research, content creation, on-page optimization, link building, tracking, reporting, and others. These are great for the business to manage the credibility and provide a good outcome. You can keep the ideal position of the website.

Why Whizz is Different for SEO Ballarat

SEO service is the most important thing for growing business in the online world. We understand the latest trend and technology that work well for the business. It is the best choice for people to receive a good outcome as soon as possible. It delivers a wonderful result to the business and engages them to stand out separate from others. You can put the website in the top place of the search engine result page. We help you to fulfill the goals and objectives of the business. You can streamline the business operation with the aid of a simple technique.

We Take Relational Approach to Growth

The business owners approach a reputable professional for fulfilling business goal. We manage relational growth with our clients. It is the best way to keep up long term partnership with clients. We never buy the keyword package and restrict SEO efforts. We provide an unlimited keyword package for the campaign. We understand your needs and target the right set of keyword that creates a positive impact for the business growth.  We support you to fulfill the optimization goal. You can spend only a reasonable amount of money to gain a valuable result. You can target the relevant that ideal for the business.

We Operate on Professionalism and Integrity

The SEO agency helps different size of business to hit great height in the marketplace. It is the best option for business owners to achieve the sales target. It acts as the best solution to run a campaign in a simple manner. We provide perfect advice and support to business and allow them to gain a perfect rank on the search engine result page. We manage perfect professionalism in this field.  We keep up a good partnership with clients and help them to enjoy the great sales growth. You can take the business to a next stage very quickly and gain the wonderful success.

We Are Good At What We Do

We always want to serve the best for the customers who approach us to improve their search engine ranking. Without following the same strategy to all clients to get high ROI, a specialized team works to understand the needs and expectations of the individual client. After analyzing your existing SEO campaign, certain modifications and changes will be advised. We do not guarantee any results, but we work well to achieve the goal. By overcoming all the obstacles in the path, your business will stand at the top position. All our approaches are client-centric, and therefore it does not provide poor performance at any cost.

We aim to deliver bespoke campaigns

Have you ever involved in the process of finding a reliable SEO Company? Not all the companies are offering the hit SEO campaign to fulfill your company goals. The fastest-growing SEO company handles hundreds of clients, and therefore you need not expect the custom service. As every site needs a different thing to survive in the competition, your strategy should be unique and beneficial. This is where our service gets into the play. We do strict screening and provide the best quality campaigns to the client. By doing in-depth research, we understand the client’s expectations and requirements. It helps us to deliver bespoke and custom-made SEO campaign.

We Keep Communications Centralised

Who wants to wait for a long time to get the necessary response? Lack of appropriate service at the right time is making a bad impression of the SEO agency to the clients. In this competitive world, this kind of treatment is really frustrating and irritating. Speaking the same line many times when you talk with too many managers is exhausting and time-consuming. Being the growing SEO Company, we understand the hassles involved in this aspect, and therefore, we tried our level best to ensure centralized communication. As a result, all the SEO campaign concerns can be looked at and sorted out with the best efficiency. It means your precious time will never be wasted anymore.

Understand the metrics that matter

As soon as your SEO campaign starts, have a clear way of charting to know the progress instantly.  To see the campaign progress, both you and your SEO Company are on the game page. This is why we have a good understanding of the SEO metrics and giving access to raw SEO data. Some clients take access to the report that we provide with the condensed information, while others need to figure out everything and get involved in every optimization phase. It is always better to understand the metrics such as page load time, conversion rate, organic sessions, and keyword rankings.

Long term investment

In the modern business environment, SEO plays a significant role in getting whatever the business owner wants. It is time-consuming to get organic site traffic and hit your SEO goals, especially when you do the SEO campaign yourself. When you join hands with us, we put our effort and experience to fulfill your expectations. Since hiring the SEO Company to take care of the significant marketing activities is keeping the long term relationship, many people choose us. We are specialized in this field and transform your business status instantly without hurt your business growth in the upcoming years. We do everything just for your company beneficial after understanding your goals and objectives.

Frequently Asked Questionss

Why is SEO Important For My Business?

SEO or search engine optimization set up the rules for the website to get top ranking in organic result of search engine. The significant benefit of the SEO service is to identify what users are searching for and which website or content can give them the related service or product.

With professional SEO services, you can ensure to be at the top rank whenever your potential customers search anything related to your products and services. Your business cannot really sustain in the online world without the right SEO services. You can connect with our SEO experts to avail our result-driven SEO services.

Why do I need SEO Service?

The central focus of our search engine optimization services is to rank your website in search engines. In this process, SEO decides whether the content of your website is able to top the list or not. You’ll be amazed to know that 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC and other marketing techniques.

You need an excellent SEO service to send the correct signals to search engines and take your website to the top of the search engine list. If you really want to stay in the eyes of your potential customers, you cannot really afford to not take professional SEO services.

How much does SEO Services Costs?

The costs of SEO services may vary according to the firms. The average SEO agency may charge 100$ to 1000$ on a monthly basis. However, the final price of the services depends on your requirements and the needs of the business. You can connect with our experts to take a quote for your requirement. We assure you to provide pocket friendly SEO solutions for your business.

How to get SEO Services?

To get the best result from the SEO services, you need to avoid those who only promise without having any previous experience. Be peculiar about the goals and standards of your business.

If you want a reliable SEO service, then go through the prior knowledge and work of the agency, read their testimonials and reviews and then consult about your business website. You can seek the help of WHIZZ Infotech to get top ranking results of the website.

Is the SEO Process is Slow?

The SEO process might be slow or quick to get top ranking. The process of SEO entirely depends on the selection of keywords and competition in the market. Accurate SEO ranking may take time but gives results in the long term.

Once search engines start trusting your website and surpassing the competitive website, you will experience excellent benefits out of the website. In case you’re looking for effective SEO services, you can always connect with our experts. We have a team of experienced SEO experts who ensures that your website ranks at the top.

What if I don’t use SEO Services?

If you don’t use a reliable SEO service, people will never find that your website exists unless it is easily findable by multiple search engines like Google. Your website will only benefit you if it is among the top 10 results on the first page of search engine optimization. For better SEO results, one can hire our SEO services to the top in the SEO ranking.

Our SEO experts ensure that your website is always ranking at the top. Whenever your target audience searches anything related to your product and services, the SEO helps your website to appear in front of them. However, if you don’t use SEO services, your website will lose its identity among the millions of website that come and go everyday.

Our Recent Projects


60+ keywords on page 1

42% bounce rate reduce

60+ new patient every month


65+ keywords on page 1

90% organic traffic increase

41% bounce rate reduce

70+ new patient every month

30+ keywords on page 1

79+ organic traffic increase

35% bounce rate reduce

70+ new patient every month

What Our Clients Say

  • “Within three weeks of engaging them they launched a brand new lead generation campaign for us which converted at over 30%, generated over 250 leads for us, and resulted in over $400,000 in closed sales.”

    Director, Cygnus Energy
  • “I can absolutely see the increase in leads, enquiries and sales we have achieved since working with them and I am delighted! David and I will be working together for many more years, I have no doubt.”

    Director, Tree Photo Studio
  • “Since we started working with the Lead Gen Guys, we’ve more than tripled our enquiries while keeping our ad spend the same, increased our lead quality and our bottom-line revenue has nearly doubled.”

    Director, Auzzie Turf