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WhatsApp Food & Grocery Ordering Solution

WhatsApp is one of the most trusted food & grocery ordering software solutions. This software is designed for assisting people who order foods and groceries online. Our software helps restaurants and grocery stores to get orders and deliver that to customers’ doorstep. At the same time, it also assists customers in placing their orders for desired foods and required groceries. This food and grocery ordering solution helps you increase your brand’s visibility and increase revenue.

How WhatsApp Food & Grocery Ordering Software Works?

The functioning of our food and grocery ordering software is relatively easy. Here are the steps to know how the software works:

Initially, as a customer, you can log in to the software and create your profile with the delivery address. After this, you choose the foods and groceries from the catalog and add them to the shopping cart. Now you pay for the orders.

Now shoppers, restaurants or grocery stores get notified of your order and delivery details. The store or restaurant manager responds to your request by either accepting or declining the order. The customer gets notified of the order status. Now the admin generates the order and delivers it to the customer. The delivery service updates the customer and the admin as well.

Benefits of WhatsApp Food & Grocery Ordering Software

  • Improve your brand visibility among your customers with our food and grocery ordering software solution.
  • Streamline your grocery delivery business effortlessly.
  • An effective way to kick-start and generate revenue even for startups.
  • Pragmatic solution for all business sizes.
  • Suitable for all delivery businesses that need an on-demand software solution.
  • Invest less and earn more by offering the fastest delivery of food and grocery to your customers.
  • 24*7 chat support system to offer convenient and instant support to your customers.

What Our Clients Say

  • “Within three weeks of engaging them they launched a brand new lead generation campaign for us which converted at over 30%, generated over 250 leads for us, and resulted in over $400,000 in closed sales.”

    Director, Cygnus Energy
  • “I can absolutely see the increase in leads, enquiries and sales we have achieved since working with them and I am delighted! David and I will be working together for many more years, I have no doubt.”

    Director, Tree Photo Studio
  • “Since we started working with the Lead Gen Guys, we’ve more than tripled our enquiries while keeping our ad spend the same, increased our lead quality and our bottom-line revenue has nearly doubled.”

    Director, Auzzie Turf