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Even with the best text and incredible imagery, an advertisement is redundant when it’s not in front of your target audience. Part of the pain-point many business owners experience with Paid Advertising is the inability to not only identify that audience, but also establish the right content flow that engages them, and converts them into a customer or lead. There’s no magic technique or silver bullet to good Paid Advertising: It’s all about discovering your unique offering, making it resonate, and continuing to optimise.

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Paid Advertising Channels

Google Ads

Google Ads offers a range of mediums and a unique opportunity to place a brand in front of the audience when they are actively seeking it. By having your brand appear during a relevant keyword search, you can be confident that the user is ready to consider your brand, and potentially become an instant lead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With so many options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. While there is no hard and fast rule, a few generalisations can be made about how to use each platform.

Facebook Advertising is ideal for B2C brands, especially those in the lifestyle, FMCG, beauty, homewares and fashion sectors. With the inclusion of Instagram’s reach, brands that rely on visual aesthetics perform well here.

Linkedin Advertising sits at the opposite end of the spectrum. The unique segmentation opportunities with LinkedIn mean B2B, and corporate minded B2B brands can leverage unique opportunities to catch the eye of customers, investors, leads and candidates, all in one place.

Google Ads allows brands from most industries to place advertisements in correlation with search keywords, and to display visual advertisements across its network (That banner ad that keeps showing up from a website you just visited? It’s probably a Google ad). Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, you’re restricted to being found by those actively looking, making it ideal for conversion-centric strategies.

Paid advertisement budgets are flexible, and depend entirely on the results you hope to achieve. An advertisement with a larger budget may perform better because it has reached more people, including those likely to convert, whereas a smaller budget will limit the impressions of your advertisement.

For a bespoke budget recommendation, feel free to book your complimentary introduction meeting with one of our consultants, and learn how Paid Advertising can elevate your brand.

Each option presents its own unique set of opportunities, and should be adjusted as your business progresses and grows. For example, relying on organic traffic when your brand has just started, or changed names or locations might mean your uptick in leads and conversions is incredibly slow. SEO is an incredible tool, and when running well will likely lower your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Alongside building your organic strategy, you can look forward to these results… in a few months. Paid advertising allows you to bring demand in sooner, and become instantly discoverable to audiences not previously considered. Combined with ongoing organic marketing, you’ll find a mix provides you with the insight into lead generation you need the most, and bring in more users to your funnel.

Print advertising restricts you to a single location, publication or brand. Digital, however, means your advertisement can be seen across a whole host of platforms, removing the restrictions of geography and editorial preferences in one fell swoop. Our other preference for digital stems from the fact it is trackable, not only revealing the potential of your audience reach, but also how many people actually clicked your ad, and why.

Our Recent Projects

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What Our Clients Say

  • “Within three weeks of engaging them they launched a brand new lead generation campaign for us which converted at over 30%, generated over 250 leads for us, and resulted in over $400,000 in closed sales.”

    Director, Cygnus Energy
  • “I can absolutely see the increase in leads, enquiries and sales we have achieved since working with them and I am delighted! David and I will be working together for many more years, I have no doubt.”

    Director, Tree Photo Studio
  • “Since we started working with the Lead Gen Guys, we’ve more than tripled our enquiries while keeping our ad spend the same, increased our lead quality and our bottom-line revenue has nearly doubled.”

    Director, Auzzie Turf