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A Melbourne Digital Marketing Agency with a difference

With our unique framework, our digital agency streamlines your experience. Forget multiple emails, phone calls and meetings with your scattered specialists – At Catalyst, you’ve got all your specialists, managers, mentors and strategists in the one location, working together to achieve staggering results.

We’d rather spend time working on that business-changing campaign than sending emails and ticking boxes, and so should you. Our comprehensive offerings mean your Catalyst Strategic experience can be as encompassing as you require it to be, scalable to your needs as your business grows and develops. Discover our key agency services, and how a tailored package with us could mean the next big moment in your brand’s history.

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What does your ideal digital marketing agency look like?

As marketing professionals with a wide range of backgrounds, we sat down and thought about the good and the bad of digital agencies. We reflected on the big wins and heart clenching losses, and what made the difference between them. And from that list, we established a no-nonsense approach to solutions led marketing. It looks a little something like this:

Succeed, and find out why.

Nothing should be a coincidence in marketing, and that goes for the good and the not so great results. Our ethos is about marketing initiatives that can be scaled and developed, which is why it’s important for us to be able to glean key insights into results, and know the exact tipping point for a campaign’s success.

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Our Recent Projects

What Our Clients Say

  • “Within three weeks of engaging them they launched a brand new lead generation campaign for us which converted at over 30%, generated over 250 leads for us, and resulted in over $400,000 in closed sales.”

    Director, Cygnus Energy
  • “I can absolutely see the increase in leads, enquiries and sales we have achieved since working with them and I am delighted! David and I will be working together for many more years, I have no doubt.”

    Director, Tree Photo Studio
  • “Since we started working with the Lead Gen Guys, we’ve more than tripled our enquiries while keeping our ad spend the same, increased our lead quality and our bottom-line revenue has nearly doubled.”

    Director, Auzzie Turf